Korean culture-Baekje

As an ancient capital that lasted 500 years during the Hanseong-Baekjae Period 2,000 years ago, Songpa is a city of history and culture with the spirit of Baekjae everywhere, including Pungnap-dong Toseong (Mudcastle), Mongchon Toseong (Mudcastle), and Seokchon-dong Gobungun (Old Tomb). During the Hanseong-Baekje Period, this region was the place where ancient culture bloomed based on the strong national power of the era. http://hanseong.songpa.go.kr/ 2014. 10.2~10.4
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HANSEONG BAEKJE CULTURAL FESTIVAL http://www.baekjefest.com/

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롯데월드 (LOTTE WORLD) in 서울특별시, South Korea

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올림픽공원 (Olympic Park) in Seoul

한성백제박물관 (Seoul Baekje Museum in Seoul

A scene of the Festival-Discussing national issue

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