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Studio : INLAND STUDIO. Création graphique pour une série délivré par . " AROMAS del Hogar " est une série sur la relation de la nourriture , les odeurs, les essences et nos problèmes quotidiens .

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The Music Factory

The Music Factory is my graduation project in VFS Digital Design program. It is a bumper for a fictitious music channel, with a message of being different and unique. Art Direction & Modeling& Animation: Bill Fu Music: The Funky Stuff by David Hamilton (Premium Beat) Special Thanks to:Jesse Davidge, Nida Fatima,and all the instructors and students from Digital Design Program

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Alli Heart

Unique and well designed, this commercial for Alli puts a new an interesting twist on whats inside your bottle. Directed by Vinicius Costa.

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This isn’t the savings bond that your uncle Morty gave you for your Bar Mitzvah. It’s the one that can buy you a pretty amazing piece of transportation that, like the Gadget-mobile, transitions from a boat to a Jeep to an airplane. Thank you to the team at Ogilvy NY for allowing us to explore a unique graphic and animation language for BlackRock’s Fall campaign.

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Client: Self-Initiated Role: Art Direction, Design, Animation, Modelling, Sound Design Format: Short Film 1920x1080 Weather Tests is an exploratory film project which is an attempt of exaggereting actions and physics of each season.

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HBO Asia Ident in Wine after Coffee

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Director : Bang Mi-na Producer : Park Jong-hu Lead Artist : Bang Mi-na Artwork : Kim song-min, Bae soo-yul Modeling : Choi hee-suk, Bae soo-yul, Bang Mi-na Compositing : Bang Mi-na Technical Director : Choi Kyu-ho Sound : GALAGA

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Guns and Cupcakes on Vimeo