Music: Detta Är Kärleken Som Dansar by Porn Sword Tobacco See more examples of the spectrogram in action here: Using the Kineme Audio plugins to process and display sound. I originally generated the image by having the 'arm' sweep radar-like around the screen, but in the end I found it was much easier to use pbmesh ( ) to polarize a square image into a circle instead…

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Recorded straight from Touch Designer / Real time Showcasing a small custom c++ operator to mimic the AE plexus effect (lines connecting particles based on proximity) Vimeo compression is a bit tough on this one! Music : Rone - King of Batoofam edit : released the source code for the c++ chop here Derivative forum thread here :

| Ljós | - fuse* feat. Elena Annovi

Generated in real-time with TouchDesigner. Particles system that reacts to the audio of Woulg and a tracked called 'Rupture'. Played live with an Ipad via OSC.

A little visual test with Quartz Composer, the patch was written in java and glsl shader. Sorry for the low framerate, but the patch was heavy, I recorded all with Syphon Recorder. I hope you'll enjoy Thank you! Follow me if you want

This is a sampling of the many hi-res rocks I sculpted as a remote contractor for Turtle Rock Studios from 2013 to 2015. Though some of them had specialty uses, like stairs or bridges, many of the assets needed to mix and match and work from multiple angles in order to get the most from each model. It was a great 2.5 year run at TRS, lots of great people there!

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