CUP Nespresso machine concept for single espressos. If there are small capsules enabling one espresso at a time, why not an espresso machine / tool which communicates the same?

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Effisense, foto: subida por Effisense el 14 de febrero de 2012 - 5e24aba6

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Brewing the perfect cup of coffee requires precise control of many factors, including the water temperature, grind, time, and coffee to water ratio. The Auroma One Coffee Maker makes the process easy. It integrates the grinder, water reservoir, heating and...

Aro – Air Purifier by Giuk Choi - Aro features mood lights and aroma dispensing based on the moods of the people in the room. To achieve this, it incorporates voice recognition system that senses the mood and tone of the voice of the people. | Yanko Design

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