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Good Food.

GOOD FOOD packaging by Face "Good Food has the vision to bring back the taste to a fast meal. Made with really good ingredients and recipes, they offer traditional mexican recipes in the very easy frozen food process. Face had to design a reflection of this statement with a very clean, simple, international look, to make people believe in frozen food again, now in a good way."


Pams Chilled | Brother Design


Tesco Beef Casserole with Dumplings


Farrah's | Designed by Brother Design


Pam's - Will Fletcher Brand Design


New Covent Garden Soup

gorgeous packaging that is intelligent and contemporary

J. Craig : Less is More! How many ready to eat meals come this clean and minimalistic?

Sainsbury's My Goodness! Thai Vegetable Curry - need to make myself

Meal Bar

Pro Bar Meal #Packaging #Design