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an advertisement with the words in korean and english on it, which are black and white
때론 그른 것을 걸러내는 것이 더 명료하다
an advertisement for the korean language book, love is in the air with black and white letters
때론 그른 것을 걸러내는 것이 더 명료하다
some type of black and white business card with the word fearless on it's side
LE SSERAFIM Brand Identity & Album Design
LE SSERAFIM Brand Identity & Album Design on Behance
Disco ball with DISCO! written out in large type covering the background. First has DISCO! written in pink, second has it in grey, third has it in mint! Retro, Disco Ball, Disco Aesthetic, Disco Disco, Disco Theme, Disco Party
Disco Ball Art Print | Digital Print | Graphic Design | Poster | Disco!
Disco Disco Disco! This print is available in greyscale, pink, and mint colors :)
some type of calligraphy that looks like it is in the style of graffiti
Le vendredi c’est LdL Inspire n°14 <