Lost for Words by Libby Vanderploeg http://www.pinterest.com/chengyuanchieh/

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Strange Fire by John MacArthur | Design by Yunchang Choi

자유의지논쟁 by R.C Sproul | Design by Yunchang Choi

창조인가 우연인가 by R.C. Sproul | Design by Yunchang Choi

#자음과모음 #원효와마르크스의대화 #bookcover #design

I love the strong and powerful use of color against the black and white. The use of the torn away paper is very effective for the idea of old and new. It also brings an element of 3D to the design, as if you can peel the paper off further.

Mamita by Mirjam Bleeker. Love the knocked-out hand-rendered lettering with photo background

"La única cosa que no se rige por la regla de la mayoría es la conciencia de uno mismo." (Atticus Finch)

"F. Scott Fitzgerald’s hardcover backlist, designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith published by Penguin Hardback Classics, 2011."

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Take Take Take – Book Series

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