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명단공개 2015 / Title

Since 2010, The program has begun until now 2015. The name is ‘Myung-Dan-Gong-Gae’ which means unveil some stories of celebrities. So we choose the QR CODE as a design metaphor that make people access information easily. And finally mysteries are opened when the each block gathered in the frame. (Even the QR CODE really working) It’s on Korean TV channel ‘tvN’ on every monday. Thanks for watching!

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You can download project file from here ;

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newcampus HD master

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KBS1 한국한국인 TITLE

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Project : SPAO Logo Play Role : Direction / Design / animation

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Starry Station Launch Video Role – Designer Directed by Chris Palazzo Produced by Los York Design : Jory Hull Animators : Jaewoo Park, Peter Harp

2015 BIGBANG MADE Series Logomotion

2015 BIGBANG MADE Series Logomotion - LOSER - BAEBAE - BANG BANG BANG - WE LIKE 2 PARTY - 맨정신 - 우리 사랑하지 말아요 - 쩔어(ZUTTER)

directing : An Byung Min 2D StyleFrame(design) : An Byung Min Composition : An Byung Min SOUND : audiojungle