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an old map shows the location of various attractions
Cartoon map of campus from 1935
the white mountain latte is served with marshmallows and whippedcream
an open box with several different types of sewing supplies in it next to a small jar full of thread
Job Hunting Club
Job Hunting Club by THINGSIDID, via Behance
the market share board game is on display with its contents and cards scattered around it
Duncan Jones
Market Share is a business-based board game designed to bring out the entrepreneurial skill of players. As players build their empire they will need to consider components such as strategy, risk management, budgeting, asset planning, negotiation and cash flow – just as you would in the real world.
two bottles and spoons sitting next to each other on top of a white surface
Concepts We Wish Were Real
Before you head out of town this weekend, be sure to check out concepts and…
an image of some food in a container on a blue background with the words korean written below it
라우드소싱 :: 디자인부터 아이디어까지, 크리에이티브 전문가에게 의뢰하세요!
패키지 디자인 | 아맛나도시락 뉴트로디자인의뢰 | 라우드소싱 포트폴리오
an advertisement for some kind of food on the table
한과연집_브랜딩,패키지 디자인 by 문유리, 디자인