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a woman standing in front of a wall with signs on it
Vintage Sign Mural — Type Affiliated
two mannequins are standing in front of a pink counter with orange bars
Max&Co. | Urban Climbing — studiopepe
©Studiopepe | Max&Co. | Urban Climbing
several white vases sitting in the middle of a room
Vis à Vis - Desormeaux/Carrette
a pair of black shoes sitting on top of a white shelf next to a tiled wall
Voodoo Rays pizza slice bar by Gundry & Ducker
black and white photograph of a man standing in an empty room with geometric designs on the floor
Images of Stop Motion Cinema by Ajax Law
people standing in an art gallery looking at sculptures
clothes are hanging on racks in front of a curtained room with green marble blocks
Layers of mirror and glass feature in Shenzhen's "ghostly" Geijoeng store
an empty library filled with lots of books
Gallery of Shijiazhuang CBD Planning Exhibition Center | Beijing De Fang Yuan | Media - 22
Shijiazhuang CBD Planning Exhibition Center | Beijing De Fang Yuan | Media - Photos and Videos - 16 | Archello
a tall building with many lights on it's side and the letters n in front
Gallery Exhibitions - Hauser & Wirth
MOVE (detail)
an empty hallway with white walls and floors is seen in this black and white photo
Premium Photo | Spaceship white and delight
the inside of a tunnel with lights and signs on it's walls that read shine light
SKP-S Beijing - Sybarite
SKP-S Beijing - Sybarite
the inside of a movie theater with its lights on and signs above it that read in movies we see life where beauty exisits
an empty room with neon lights in the ceiling and black flooring on the walls
라인조명을 활용한 벽체디자인