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the lady boss party flyer is shown with three women walking in an empty parking lot
Event Poster Template
the website design for an architectural firm, with many different images and text on it
ランディングページ LP ミナポートについて|サービス|自社サイト
a poster with different colors and numbers for the month of november, including one page
very nice approach to schedule design
a woman walking down a wooden floor next to a white wall with writing on it
Señalética FAUBA - Wayfinding system
Señalética FAUBA - Wayfinding system by Juan Pablo Imbrogno, via Behance
the list is filled with pictures and information
The New Brides
Prom? Homecoming? First day of school? Graduation? How could we use this?
a man wearing sunglasses and a white shirt with the words made in japan on it
perfume ad
perfume ad flower - Google 検索
the front page of a magazine with an image of a man wearing sunglasses and a hat
this one is quite retro and looks old but its professional and i think the black and white image works well within the black border.
Nordstrom Rack - In Stores Now: Shoes For Every Foot Green Day, Banner Design, Shoe Poster, Creative Poster Design, Creative Industries, Shoe Advertising, Fashion Poster Design
Nordstrom Rack - In Stores Now: Shoes For Every Foot
an article in the globe books about how to run and what to do with it
Matt French
Victoria LAYOUT. I like how the dominant element is the photos, but there is still a story with them.
the front page of an article in spanish, with images of people hugging each other
50 incredible editorial designs from around the world
ORIGEN / Periódico - Newspaper by Krysthopher Woods, via Behance
an image of the front and back pages of a magazine, with different images on it
Book Review - Graphis Portfolio
New York Times Book Review | Yasmin Malki| Graphis
an advertisement for the wild things are here featuring a man in a bear costume with his hands on his hips
•Newspaper design• Supplied with a few very interesting images for this movie page I was tempted to go over the top but I also wanted to capture the essence of the film and the same look of the original book illustrated by Maurice Sendak. This clean and simple layout gives a earthy photograph a little pop while still keeping the page pleasant with a fairy tale feel. The one column read helps give more room for a larger photo.
layout, newspaper, magazine, typography, publishing Magazine Layout Design, Editorial Design Layout
layout, newspaper, magazine, typography, publishing
an image of some type of webpage design
The Mattson 2 | Identity
Showcase and discover creative work on the world's leading online platform for creative industries.
an advertisement for the arts and culture magazine
The Epoch Times - Truth & Tradition. Fact Based. Unbiased. Accurate News
Poetry Is Well and Truly in the Margins – Will It Ever Get Out?|Epoch Times #newspaper #graphicdesign #layout