Yoo Jung Kim
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Anna Whitley - Rabbit brooch (back) - Formica, hessian, cork, veneer, 9ct plated drawing pin, 18ct

The back of enamel and sterling silver brooch with a double hinged pin stem. The color is a tin can insert. By Shana Kroiz, 2008.

Lynette Andreasen - brooch (back view)

Bettina Speckner - back of the brooch | gallery deux poissons

Sondra Sherman: Lavandula-Lavendar (back) 2007

Gold Brooch, by Giovanni Corvaja (back view)

Simple Brooch Pin backs. I've done a style that's very similar, but using round wire for the catch instead of flat

Lisa Catterson - white contour brooch back

Aline Berdichevsky Borax08001 - reconstruction serie brooch (back) - www.eltallerdealine.es

Epoxy resin art by Markus Linnenbrink