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Where’d It Go? Where’d It Go? Where’d It Go? 🎅 😼
Dance Like Nobody Is Looking
Drunk Giraffe fight - Swing and a miss | Funny wild animals from Kruger National Park, South Africa
Who Did That? | animals, dogs
Beaglian rhapsody!
Diz que quando o cachorro faz assim ele está agitando a morte de alguém to fora! KKKKKKKKKK
a dog with a wig on it's head sitting in front of a wooden wall
Self Defense – Parking Lot Safety
highlandvalley: mesomesoさんのツイート: “ビッグヌケゲーマウンテン... - when a Shiba blows it's coat (2x a year!) it will shed so much you will think it is a different dog under there! Self- defense demands that you brush the coat out at least every two days for literally weeks!