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Design Inspiration 68

동화 그림같은 배경디자인으로 큐트함이 보여지는 디자인 앱입니다. 특히여성에게 인기가 있을것같은 어플


Agenda-- #flip - I wonder if this page flip could get more organic. Interested to see how this would feel to the user. A contrast between the hard edges of the device and the softer edges of a more "organic" ui.

UI 영감 : 사이트의 상호 작용 | Abduzeedo

Interactive Landing page for fashion website... hope you guys like it ;)

Cncpts Product - UI Movement

Inspirational UI Design 21

UI Design .//

UI Interactions of the week #11

UI Interactions of the week #11 — Muzli -Design Inspiration — Medium