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Dropium iOS7 Login Screen User Interface Design #UI #iOS7

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Intro iPhone app – UI Design by MayNinth

Splash Screens Screenshots :: Mobile Patterns

Formulaire d'inscription sur mobile beau et efficace, incluant le social #UX #UI

Dribbble - Statiq Login WIP by Casey Childs

Facebook and? I'm not a fan of the left to right placement of OAuth and general site logins because I'm concerned it implies to novice web users that they have to do both and, in this case, they may begin with filling out the form fields because it's asking them to. Also, does any general user know what "Connect with Facebook" means?

Douding Fm login. I would have went with off white on the bottom to help it blend in the top. Also put the login button near the middle bottom to help fill out all those empty areas, as it does not look good from quick glance.

Dropium iOS7 Login Screen User Interface Design #UI #iOS7