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a skateboarder is riding on the inside of a half pipe
아이스토리 해외 유치원 인테리어 소개 : 구름형상의 유치원
해외 유치원 인테리어 TO...
people sitting on the floor in front of bamboo structures
Photo: Kimito Takahashi. "Light of Shodoshima": giant dome constructed of 5,000 island-grown bamboo trees, and illuminated at night by LEDs.
a white coffee cup with brown rope wrapped around it's sides on a table
Handcrafted mugs with rattan weaving
an image of weaving on a loom
This looks really cool! I wish I could find a draft for it.
a bedroom with blue walls and white bedding, gold headboard and foot board
a modern boho master bedroom with dark teal, copper and white colors.
a white bed sitting next to a dresser with a mirror on it's side
Master Bedroom Makeover | Interior Design | Style Your Senses
Calming Master Bedroom | Campaign Chests | Monogrammed Bedding | Abstract Art | Bamboo Mirrors | Lucite Curtain Rods
a white room with three lamps on the floor and one lamp in the middle,
Vibia | Design beyond Light
Bamboo | Design by Antoni Arola & Enric Rodríguez voor Vibia en Eikelenboom
three macrame wall hangings on a gray wall next to a potted cactus
Macrame Wall Hanging TRIO 100% Cotton Cord in Natural Ecru With Bamboo - Etsy
This macrame wall hanging is handmade using 100% cotton cord (4.5mm) in natural ecru with a bamboo supporting rod. Dimensions - Bamboo Width:
a wooden object with a white base on a black background
My eyes open......
the man is sitting down in front of some wooden benches and chairs that are stacked on top of each other
hangzhou bent bamboo stool by min chen
The Hangzhou Stool - by Atelier Chen Min - consists of many layers of bamboo veneer. Each veneer is made of several ultra thin bamboo layers, aligned vertical to each other. Each veneer becomes not only very flexible but also robust. The layers give a very special “arc” of the stool, just like the ripples on the water surface. When sit, the more weight the stool receives, the deeper the arc will be bent, and therefore the more elasticity the user will feel.
a wicker basket with a bottle in it
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Timeless Bamboo Wine Holder Basket by WeavingCircle on Etsy, $20.00