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The site is designed in big canvas and user just need to drag and drop the website to explore. Navigation bar is provided at below. User just need to follow the number, it won't be hard. Everything is so cute, the drawing and the content itself. The drawing or objects are added with movement making the website looks interesting. Hierarchy is very nice. Different types of typography are used and well played. This website will attract user to explore more with their unique design.

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This is the Hungarian McDonald's website redesign. McDonald's design always in yellow and red but no this Hungarian McDonald's . I was very curious and I searched for Hungarian flag and I then understand why the Hungarian McDonald's website has to be green now.

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They use color to categories or divide their product and message.

Champion by Wladimir Ilyanoi, via Behance

The design for the recipe page is different from the other layouts but the style is the same. The background contain drawing which look like the processing of making cadbury chocolate. The font usage is different style too. Although the images is in square, the frame of each images make the images look interesting. When user hover the images, prepare time and cook time for the recipe is shown.

The history of the website use the method of info graphic. Images are included and the hierarchy makes the history look interesting. There is a timeline included, user just click on the time show in the timeline, it will lead user to the year the user want to know rather than scrolling down. There is a dotted line guide user to follow the year so user will not be confused.

The hierarchy in this website is very strong. Mostly everything in the website is white, purple and chocolate, it make people feel comfortable. The typography stands up a lot with the color of the background. Everything blend so nice.

The is the product page. There is a small categories page before the categories of cadbury chocolate. User can search the cadbury chocolate they want by clicking the types and ingredients. The website will show user the chocolate they are searching for. It makes users simple to search.

The website Cadbury use its brand's color, purple and chocolate to design the website layouts. Users are likely to feel at home because of the consistency. The texture apply on the navigation bar and design make the website doesn't look so dull.

M&Ms  Josh Rhode

M&Ms Josh Rhode