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볼트 & 너트 (스틸)

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Armagnac 1947 - Armagnac Jean Cavé, l'antiquaire de L'Armagnac, spécialiste des Armagnacs Millésimés 그린섬

달동네 그림연구실 :: 'Illust&Design&ETC' 카테고리의 글 목록

"Standing Room Only" is a pastel painting on board of colorful glass bottles. Lisa Ober, artist

40 Mega Hyper Realistic Oil Paintings by Dutch Artist Tjalf Sparnaay

Tjalf Sparnaay's paintings hit the retina like bolts of lightning in a clear blue sky. No other painter confronts us quite so clearly with ordinary objects that we hold dear. Since 1987, he has been working on his imposing oeuvre, constantly seeking new images that have never been painted before. What he calls Megarealism is part of the contemporary global art movement of Hyperrealism, and Sparnaay is now considered one of the most important painters working in that style.

Bellatwix by April Jarocka yours truely...original is sold