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W&P in the making.

Wrightson and Platt in the making, take a look at how we make our unique sculptures.
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Luxury Packaging Designed by Emma Bristow, produced by Wrapology

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An Everlasting Memory Of Your Baby’s Most Precious Moments

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Wrightson and Platt, The Process

Baby Hands and Feet Life Casting in the Making with Wrightson and Platt

Life-Casting Baby Hands and Feet, The Wrightson & Platt Way

People often ask what makes Wrightson & Platt the best in the business. Well we can't tell you all our secrets but we can give you a little glimpse into life-casting the Wrightson & Platt way. Music: Three Dancers For Violin Orchestra Op. 7 By Herbert Howells #howitsmade #lifecasting #motherbaby #parenthood

Licoln the Whippet at Wrightson and Platt.

Baby Hands & Feet Casting - Part 1

Baby Hands & Feet Casting, Part 1.