W&P in the making.

Wrightson and Platt in the making, take a look at how we make our unique sculptures.
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Luxury Packaging Designed by Emma Bristow, produced by Wrapology

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An Everlasting Memory Of Your Baby’s Most Precious Moments

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Baby Hands & Feet Casting, Part 1.

Licoln the Whippet at Wrightson and Platt.

People often ask what makes Wrightson & Platt the best in the business. Well we can't tell you all our secrets but we can give you a little glimpse into life-casting the Wrightson & Platt way. Music: Three Dancers For Violin Orchestra Op. 7 By Herbert Howells #howitsmade #lifecasting #motherbaby #parenthood

Baby Hands and Feet Life Casting in the Making with Wrightson and Platt

Wrightson and Platt, The Process

Just let us know when your baby is due and we can send you a little reminder so you can capture their hands and feet at their very tiniest.

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