Carl Sagan & Flying Lotus animated type mash up. Narration by Carl Sagan's from his book, Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space (1994). Song "Zodiac Shit" by Flying Lotus from the album Cosmogramma (2010). Footage from Koyaanisqatsi (1982), Cosmos: A Personal Voyage (1980), Life on Earth (1979) and various other composited clips and stills.

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This video was part of my Bachelor thesis at the University of Applied science and art Hannover. The Super Mario Bros. game, released on the Nintendo Entertainment System, is not longer bound to the television size and get interactive with a new environment. The emphasis of my thesis is on the matchmoving work. It is the process of matching CG elements into live-action footage. „Irgendwann vor einiger Zeit ist das Königreich der friedlichen Pilzmenschen von den Kupas erobert worden…

10 sec night time ID for HubTV.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edit, Motiongraphic, FX, Tone&Manner , Sound mix -- NOBLE SWEAT_Jjinha.Lee -- BGM Dexter-Britian [] -Waking up(instrumental),Chasing Time 편곡 이시영 -----------------------------------------------personal------------------------------------------------ 박종우감독님과 인연이 닿아 다른 촬영감독님들께서 3개월간 순...

Directed by Common Good. All compositing & VFX by Common Good

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