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Dashboard free PSD. I created a minimalistic and simple dashboard that you can download for free.To show my love to my followers and supporters


This is a habit to develop the APP, You can finish your habit of setting up your…

UI 디자인 - 기존의 캘린더를생각하면 사각형에 31일이 나누어져있는 형상이 떠오르는데 이 디자인을 보면 날짜를 스크롤로 바꿔가며 선택할 수 있게 되어있어서 참고하면 좋을 것 같다.

Schedule Application Interface – Mobile app by Afrian Hanafi

Calendar Design – Animation by 李响_Xerlee

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#1 Calendar - by Naseer Ahmed | #ui …