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Here is a taste of the stuff I worked on for Halo 4 at 343 Industries. All assets are property of Microsoft/343 Industries. Big thanks to my Halo fore-bearers, Bungie… Animating Quads A couple years back I was Animating on Free Birds, and during that time I was the Quad Lead. I did some quad work on Cats & Dogs 2 and Twilight at Tippett Studio, so was excited to bring to the table what I learned from my friends over there. Along with that experience, there was a ton of research and discovery that went into figuring out how these four legged animals move, and I loved every minute of it!

game animation demo reel 2015 July

infamous second son and first light animation reel

Some animation clips I made for infamous second son and first light. All hand keyed animation.

Halo 5 Character Animation Reel

Some of my Gameplay and Cinematic animations from Halo 5. Music: "Razors.Out" by Mike Shinoda and Joseph Trapanese [cinematic recut by Jeff Clement]

Christopher Cox Animation Reel 2014

VimeoChristopher Cox Animation Reel 2014

[하이퍼유니버스] 여자 캐릭터 바스트모핑 (HyperUniverse) - YouTube

Thanks for watching my latest reel. This includes the animation work I've done over the last year for Destiny: The Taken King, as well as some recent emotes. In my role as principal animator, I'm able to participate in many different areas of the game, from tech advancements, to player/combatant gameplay animation, to cinematic animation. In addition to this, I continue to serve as animation director for the player as well as our MTX (micro-transaction) emote effort. Breakdown: 1) Zombi...