The Lady Elizabeth School provides an excellent education to students of all ages and nationalities. In July and the first half of August it continues these incredibly high standards during their Summer School course.

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Korea Eureka Day 2014 is focused on linking Korea & Europe towards Global Innovation and promoting Korea-Europe R&D cooperation. This event will be held in Oslo, Norway, from 26-28 May, 2014.

FUNK A LABEL’s Official Top 10 Q & A guide to understanding the best online promo for indie musicians and cheap social media for indie music artists.

World Markets (WMKTS) is an online marketing platform provider and get up to 95% of their customers to Google page1 ranking from 7+ days after going live from only 50€ per month.

Andy Gateriewictz, owner of The Unfinished Work Week, is a speaker and consultant creating programs that offer solutions to the under performing, stress-filled knowledge work force.

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