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a hand holding a white light bulb with different parts labeled in the diagram above it
Drawing hands can be tricky 👋 ...
But one strategy to get me unstuck when I’m trying to draw from imagination is to create a simplified 2D version (either in my head or actually jotting it down as reference). ⠀ I can then use this as a reference or ‘blueprint’ to help me when I’m developing the 3D forms. ⠀ This definitely isn’t something that ‘magically’ makes the drawings ‘work’ it’s something I’ve had to work at to become just another tool in my artistic tool belt to use when things get a little tricky.
🎨✍️Painting values can be tricky...
🎨✍️Painting values can be tricky... ⠀ Especially when I’ve found myself in a conundrum where there’s a particular section that just isn’t looking quite right and I’m not entirely sure why. ⠀ One way I like to tackle this is to have the mantra “If there’s a plane changes, there’s a value change” this one I believe I got from the great Steve Huston, shout out to you @stevehustonartist ✌️ ⠀ As always, stay consistent, use reference, have fun with it and remember, it’s only pixels baybee! 🕺✏️
an animation character's face and head with various facial expressions, including hair styles
A good colour variation base can really set up the rest of the painting.
a drawing of a man's face with different colored lines on the side and sides
Procreate Free Brushes (@procreate_free_brushes) • Instagram photos and videos
two hands are shown with different colors and shapes on the left, right hand is holding something
a person is drawing on a piece of paper
Wylie Beckert: Illustration + Fine art