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조선시대 여성모자 Women's Headgear of the Joseon Dynasty

짱인데? 동양풍 그림그릴때 참고 될 것 같아 :) …

Binyeo by on @DeviantArt

As the Scottish have kilts, Peruvians ponchos and Indians saris, Koreans have Joseon-ot, their traditional garment. Originating in the ancient Koguryo kingdom of the Three-kingdoms, the first feudal state in Korea, left behind cultural heritages of which she can boast to the world. its design and variety has been fairly steady from medieval to modern times, differing only based on the season or gender of the wearer.

Joseon hairstyles. I'm not skilled enough to pull this off lol, but it's nice to look at

Girl's Hair Style of the Joseon Dynasty - Daenggi 2 by Glimja on deviantART

조선시대 남성 모자 Men's Headgear of the Joseon Dynasty

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