Arch2o-Otraparte house museum CORDOBA MEDINA LENNY , Franchesco PULGARIN GARCIA

명지대학교 건축대학 [5학년 Portfolio]2013년도 졸업작품전시회 수상작

이미지 사이즈 : 800 x 1440 이미지 사이즈가 화면보다 큽니다. 왼쪽 버튼을 클릭한 후 마우스를 움직여서 보세요. 더블 클릭하면 닫혀요.

P1-(apresentação) - Cópia:

MARIOerMURO / interesting to compare to the "straightforward" board with a more complex design

BIOPHILIC CAMPUS [architectural | 3d visualizer] M.D.A.B. COMPETITION status : architectural competition in progress - in collaboration with megamind design studio. this project is uitm project providing opputunities to architecture students to develop an academic block providing specialitity for pre-diploma students under the program based MDAB.

P9-(a-fachada) - Cópia

Architecture Panel presentation : FUTURARC 2012 Student Competition

The Urban ,Clubhouse & Landscape design project. Faculty of Architecture ,KMITL ,Thailand

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