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In this episode of SERP's Up, we focus on optimizing your homepage from how it “sets the SEO pace” for your entire site to why it’s the most important page for Core Web Vitals.
Himani Kankaria shares SEO tips on finding good SEO advice in this episode of the SERP's UP SEO Podcast.
Depending on the size of your organization and how many hats you have to wear as a marketer, prioritization can be critical, according to iPullRank’s Garrett Sussman, featured guest on the SERP’s Up SEO Podcast. SEO may take six to 12 months to move the revenue needle, while PPC or social may be doing it today. Prioritize based on what’s driving revenue now while making time investments in other tactics for the future.

SERP's Up SEO Podcast

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Author: Celeste Gonzalez Your involvement with the community you serve can (and should) improve your local SEO. After all, it’s your...
Local link building: How community and local activities lead to backlinks
Author: Celeste Gonzalez Your involvement with the community you serve can (and should) improve your local SEO. After all, it’s your...
a man with grey hair and beard standing in front of a blue sign that says visual content marketing 101
Visual content marketing 101: Build your audience and distinguish your brand with images
Author: Giuseppe Caltabiano Visual content has the power to break through the noise and grab the attention of our audiences in a way that...
a man is smiling for the camera in front of a sign that says 5 editing tips from the seo hub
5 of my best editing tips for content marketers
Author: George Nguyen I can’t go to a single digital marketing event in 2024 without someone asking whether I feel threatened that AI...
two men and one woman are smiling for the camera with their heads turned to look like they
SERP’s Up | Is Google laying the smackdown on affiliate marketing?
How has the affiliate marketing space shifted from an SEO point of view? Wix’s Mordy Oberstein and Crystal Carter look into the future of affiliate marketing, from profitability to new obstacles ahead. SEO legend Glenn Gabe helps you understand how the SEO landscape for affiliate marketers has changed, and how affiliate marketers can adapt to the new Google UX and content quality standards. Plus, Crystal and Mordy investigate the viability of affiliate marketing as a whole as they take a tri...
a woman in a business suit with the words g on it and an image of a line graph
Tactics for multi-stakeholder reporting
Author: Judith Lewis Communicating your value to decision makers or potential investors can feel like trying to hit a moving target—after...
five people are shown in this screenshot with the words real talk on the google algorithm
Live webinar: Real talk on the Google algorithm
Tuesday, July 16, 2024 | 1PM ET Google leaks, AI overviews, new ranking systems—2024 has been a year. It’s time to ask some real...
two men and one woman are on an orange background with the words serp's up
SERP's Up | Writing Helpful Content Ain't Easy
Why is it so easy to get helpful content so wrong? Wix’s Mordy Oberstein and Crystal Carter are joined by Search Engine Journal’s Managing Editor, Ben Steele, to analyze content-focused SEO and how you can write great content that actually has meaning. Plus, we go straight to the source to see what Google’s People Also Ask tells us about how Google sees ‘good content’. We put the helpful into content this week as we teach you how to create content that your audience will crave on this episo...
three people are shown with the words serp's up and an image of them
SERP’s Up | Take your SEO off life support
How can you bring your SEO performance back to life? Wix’s Mordy Oberstein and Crystal Carter discuss ways you can reestablish your content cadence to get SEO production back on track, demonstrating why continually updating your brand with fresh content is so valuable. Sterling Sky’s Carrie Hill joins as she dives into the intricacies behind helping clients who desperately need an SEO resurgence. Plus, this content marketing tool will make competing against your competitors a walk in the ...
three people are shown with the words serp's up and an image of them
SERP’s Up | Real talk on SEO and accessibility
Optimizing for accessibility and SEO? Yes. Wix’s Mordy Oberstein and Crystal Carter are back to discuss accessibility standards. Dive into why the standards matter for marketing and beyond and how they overlap with doing good SEO. Katherine Watier Ong, owner of WO Strategies, stops by to walk you through the integration process of proper accessibility in technical SEO. Plus, Wix’s own Neil Osman joins to discuss the future of accessibility technology and shares plenty of strategies along th...
three people with headscarves on each side of them, and the words serps up
SERP’s Up | Play ball! Why SEO is a Team Sport
In what ways does systematic team collaboration drive success in SEO? Wix’s Head of SEO Communications, Crystal Carter, travels to Brighton SEO to lead a deep discussion into ‘SEO as a team’ with esteemed panelists. What does task delegation mean to overall team evolution? Learn the processes industry leaders use to move their team along collectively and progress as a whole. In addition, understand how team collaboration has changed over time with the evolution of Google, and how you can ad...
three people with glasses are smiling for the camera, and one person is looking at the camera
SERP’s Up | Does SEO Still Work for Online Publishers?
Can publishers thrive on the web? How can publishers optimize their content for SEO? Wix’s Mordy Oberstein and Crystal Carter are back to discuss digital strategies media publishers use to grow organic traffic across the web. Learn ‘rigging’ tactics publishers should avoid and why they will only hurt your brand. Giselle Navarro of HouseFresh joins to weigh in on the SERP landscape for small to mid-sized publishers. Content marketing consultant, Alli Berry, also stops by to give further in...
two men and one woman are on the same page with words that read selp's up
SERP’s Up | Why Downplaying Branded Keywords is Costing You Big
Where does brand authority play into search visibility? How do you measure brand on the SERP? Wix’s Mordy Oberstein and Crystal Carter are back for more as they discuss the power of branded search and why it matters way more than you think. SEO and Brand Marketing specialist Ronell Smith joins to share aspects of brand visibility he’s seen most commonly overlooked in his 15+ years of experience. Learn how to articulate your brand in a concise manner on your website as we discover the power...
two people are shown with the words serp's up and an image of them
SERP’s Up | The Hard Work of Maintaining Your Google Rankings
How do you successfully achieve long-term rankings? Wix’s Mordy Oberstein and Crystal Carter are joined by RicketyRoo’s, Melissa Popp, to discuss tactics for maintaining rankings long-term on the SERP. Discover how you can overcome high variability on Google by taking a content-first approach to maintain rankings over time. We unveil the ‘Dark Knights’ of ranking in SEO this week as we crack the code to maintaining all of your hard-earned rankings this week on the SERP’s Up SEO Podcast! Key...
a woman with long brown hair and an orange sign that says make education your agency's usp
Foster an education-first culture at your agency for better authority, business, and retention
Author: Christine Zirnheld Generative AI, third-party cookie deprecation (eventually), Google algorithm updates, broadening match...
the new york digital marketing meetup
NYC digital marketing meetup
NYC digital marketing meetup: Better branding to attract quality clients