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By Wishtrend Brand Review

C20, C21.5 Vitamin C serum, Mask, Cream Global Reviews
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finally,my dreamteam is complete.thankyou for making my #kbeauty solutions for my troubled skin possible.will try this for a month,let's see if these products will help zap ze zits (#hormonalacne) and calm my ultra-sensitive skin

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The Most Effective Night Care Routine to Clear Acne Scars

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My fav sheet masks these 4 types of sheet masks are my all time favourites. . The reason why I love them is because of their gentle, harsh ingredient free formula. These masks also deliver incredible results. My skin always feel great after using them . I highly recommend these sheet masks to everyone

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Provided for Review: Wishtrend Pure Vitamin C 21 5 Advanced Serum

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Such mask, much relax, no headache, very chill. This is what I needed after a hectic day at work. #NattaCosme has been kind to me with all these C20 Natural Vitamin 21.5 Sheet Masks. It has almost everything I love, from calming my redness on the skin to whitening my pimple scars . I'm working on writting up a full review about it soon, so mean while, enjoy my scary face before you sleep

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1월 페이보릿/추천제품! [자막cc]

Mi rutina facial coreana (Parte 1: Acne killer)

Evening 🌙✨😋 About 4 months ago, I had an issue where after an occasional pimple would come and go, it would leave this red mark, like a REALLY red mark. So red that even concealer didn't cover it! So one morning I was online shopping for things when I came across this serum! I immediately knew I needed to have this. This Vitamin C , Hyaluronic acid serum is a life saver! It kills pimples, brightens up dull skin as well as blemishes and red spots! It stings a little when applying but the…

By Wishtrend Vitamin Junkie Package: for Skin Brightening and Acne Scars

How I Got Rid of Acne Scars/Hyperpigmentation