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a red and yellow dragon with blue horns on it's head, standing upright
Happy Mushu is happy by BlazeMizu on DeviantArt
a drawing of a red and yellow dragon with a speech bubble above it's head
Mushu commission_v.1 by tombancroft on DeviantArt
an animated character with a caption that reads, anybody who's foolish enough to treaten our family, vengence will be mine
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an image of some cartoon characters with different expressions on their faces and body, including the character
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pop vinyl figure mushu from disney's the little mermaid
Figurine Pop Mulan [Disney] #632 pas cher : Mushu - 25 cm
an image of a sign that says let's go kick some honey buns
OFFICIAL Mulan Shirts & Merchandise | Hot Topic
Мушу/Mushu Мулан/Mulan Мультфильмы/Cartoon
a dragon with the words not a lizard don't do that tongue thing
Mushu is a Dragon, not a lizard by thedisnerdpodcast
an orange and yellow cartoon character with blue flowers
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Funko - POP! Disney: Mulan - Mushu with Gong - Multi