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an image of a person walking on the beach with mountains in the background and a pink sky
Quentin Monge’s Artistry Is Inspired By The Color Palette Of The French Riviera - IGNANT
a painting of sheep standing in the grass
Bridget Lansley Works | Cricket Fine Art
an image of sheep in the middle of a field with words on it that read jungle illustration awards 2017
a painting of sheep in a field with pink and orange paint on the wall behind them
Bridget Lansley Works | Cricket Fine Art
three children are playing in the water at the beach
Paintings - 2016
Elizabeth Lennie | Paintings - 2016
an oil painting of plants and rocks by the ocean
Meet Michelle Morin
Meet Michelle Morin – Red Cap Cards
a painting of a dog in a field of flowers
Take control of cancer
By Oamul Lu
a watercolor painting of a woman standing in front of a window holding a vase filled with flowers
Sold at Auction: André Brasilier, ANDRÉ BRASILIER, (FRENCH, B. 1929), "JEUNE FILLE EN BLEU"
an abstract painting with many colors and shapes
Inés Longevial
Challenging society's unrealistic expectations of a female's body image, French artist Inés Longevial has developed a distinct way in which her subjects are painted. By focusing on the power of a woman's body and composition of posture, and by fragmenting shapes and colors, she sets out to
a painting of trees and boats in the water
Brasilier, Regattas in Golfe-Juan …
Brasilier, Regattas in Golfe-Juan More - #ContemporaryArt #ContemporaryArtDecor #ContemporaryArtExhibition #ContemporaryArtQuotes
a painting of cows grazing in a field next to a barn and tree with yellow leaves
Andre Brasilier
pinkpagodastudio: Andre Brasilier
a painting of houses and trees in the rain
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