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a man is walking through a tunnel in the sky with his back to the camera
gary annett photography | impossible architecture series.
black and white photograph of a woman walking up stairs
NYC W12st Hirsch Corti/Roughan Interiors
Roger Hirsch & Myriam Corti Architects | New York Townhouse | Architecture | Interior | ÍKΔRO ▲
the stairs are dark and there is only one person walking up them
Wish Master
Stairs | Wish Master
an abstract black and white photo of lights in a tunnel or structure that is lit up at night
Seven of a kind
A superb use of #ImpactLighting within architecture to reflect form.
an intricately designed paper sculpture on a white surface with lines and shapes in the form of waves
Be Inspired
fabriciomora: APKorea by Büro NY
an empty room with several windows and a ladder in front of the window that is lit up
undr: Rene Burri, Shell of the Chapel, Notre-Dame du Haut, Ronchamp, 1955
a black and white photo of a room with light coming in from the ceiling,
Notre Dame du Haut by Le Corbusier - Rochamp Chapel
Ecomanta: Notre Dame du Haut by Le Corbusier - Rochamp Chapel
the light is shining through an open window in a dark room with text that reads, i am okay
Interesting idea, that we think all books involving a host of black people must be about race. True, and I'd never realized it. ("Hustle" by Jericho Brown ... or was his birth name Nelson Demery?)
a black and white photo with the sun shining through it
Hélène Binet is a renowned architectural photographer
a black and white photo of the inside of a building with light coming through it
Ocular Appetite
Stunning shadows and edges. More
black and white photograph of a person walking in an empty room
Echale una estudiada al volumen, me gustaría provocar drama también con las sombras que podamos provocar...
the shadow of a person standing in front of a wall with arches and columns on it
“ Sergio Trevellin ” More