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a cartoon dog dressed as a pirate with a hook
Pirate Dog by DennisJones on DeviantArt
Pirate Dog by DennisJones on deviantART
a cartoon character riding on the back of a motorcycle
Character Development – Dennis Jones
an image of two monsters fighting on the edge of a cliff
Dennis Jones Illustration
a cartoon character is running with his legs spread out and mouth wide open as if to catch a flying insect
Dennis Jones
three different colored images of cats with their mouths open
Dennis Jones
Dennis Jones
the lion and the person are talking to each other
an image of a cartoon scene with king and queen
Comic 'Biblical' Painting Reproductions For Sale On Fine Art Prints
Comic "bíblicas" reproduções da pintura para a venda em cópias das belas artes
the three wise men are talking to each other in front of a sign that says arky inn
Bible Stories
Over the years I have done a lot of work for religious publishers. This is a sample of what my Biblical characters look like...
an image of a cartoon character in the woods
14SirDogswerth by DENNIS JONES
an image of a cartoon character with many things in his hands and feet on the ground
an image of a man that is jumping in the air with a cup and donut
Dennis Jones
4DunkinBasketball by Denis Jones..Here’s a little process video for March Madness. I’m sure there is a dunk of some sort in this players immediate future…
an image of a cartoon alligator in a boat with fish and seaweed on the bottom
a cartoon character holding a basketball on a court with the indiana pacers logo in the background
Animals | Dennis Jones Blog