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leo 8 as a parent is extremely proud of their children
I do not know how I am going to be as a mother to my child. But I hope that I will be able to raise my child like my father and mother raised me. Into a loving, independent and smart human <3 Love you mother and father.
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Zodiac Files: Leo Ideal Relationship. <3 A little work to be done but mostly this is us. Agree, Bear?
a poem written in white on black with the words, pieces and the inner you
Well snap...I don't like when other people read this...Its like looking inside my soul.
the quote for leo, it's not so much about striking their ego they just want
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a yellow background with the words, may leo have a lot of trouble keeping their emotions under control
Leonine Pride
Wow.. So very true. I feel this all the time. Not depressed but every emotion/feeling effects me so much.
leo zodiac sign with the caption's quote about how to use it for astrological purposes
THIS IS SO ME!! I hate fighting with people and if I do I want to resolve as quickly as possible <3
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Don't like to admit this, though it's true. I don't always feel like I'm playing for attention but it's funny to see myself when I do get a hold of the attention I didn't realise I was being childish for. And my attitude snaps back to normal like a purring kitten
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leo zodiac quotes | Leo Horoscope
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The life of a LEO
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Scorpio Quotes