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a young man wearing a black hoodie with the words vetteme on it
an image of two people with fake hair and one person wearing bunny ears on their head
a person wearing a face mask and pointing at the camera
some people are wearing glasses and one is making the peace sign
a man sitting on the ground with his hands up to his face and one hand over his mouth
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Stray Kids Jisung 5-Star nails
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as he should my sleepy baby
an image of a woman with fake nails on her ear and the caption says,'the nails??? he wearing???????????????????????????????
a man pointing at something with his hand in the air while wearing a black and white outfit
han jisung | skz
a man with blue hair pointing at something in front of him and holding his hand out
han jisung stray kids skz lq icon
a man in black shirt and pants holding his hands behind his head with cross on it