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Korean traditional dress

Traditional Korean dress, hanbok. I am completely in love with these colours!

나스첸카 NASCHENKA - KOREA > 뒤꽂이 · 떨잠

Korean Royal Wear. Original clothing made for queens and empresses were embroidered with gold thread.

This is the traditional costume of Korea, composed of the chogori or short jacket and chima or full dress

Differences between traditional Korean hanbok and modernized hanbok

Traditional Korean jewelery and hair accessories primarily featuring Jade.

[[나스첸카] 백옥 첩지 [실버 수공예 백옥 첩지]]

[[나스첸카] 백옥 첩지 [실버 수공예 백옥 첩지]]

Binyeo - a traditional hairpin for fixing ladies' chignons. Its main purpose is to pin the chignon in place, but it also serves as ornamentation.

한복 HANBOK, Korean traditional clothes