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two women are laughing while sitting on hay bales in front of other people and trees
The Anne of Avonlea Film Costume Project-Diana Barry's Dress
"Bosom friends" Anne and Diana. Oh, to live in an Anne of Green Gables book!
two women hugging each other in a field
12 Books That Totally Get Female Friendship
Movies - Anne of Green Gables: Anne Shirley & Diana Berry
many different pictures of people in old fashioned clothes, and one is talking on the phone
because it's my birthday, and i wants it
Anne of Green Gables--Anne and Gilbert.
the woman is working on her art work in the studio, and then she's doing it
Schuleit Haber Studio
Anna Schuleit Studio #makers #workspace #adelineloves
a woman wearing a hat and dress holding a suitcase in front of an iron gate
"I have confidence in confidence alone..." Sound of Music Julie Andrews-one of my favorites!
a smiling woman in a gray suit and white shirt
How Could I Not Love Julie Andrews?!
Julie Andrews - magnificent.
a woman holding a suitcase and wearing a hat
The Roamer
the number twenty four is written in white powder on a surface that looks like snow
a person's hand in front of a black and white background with the image of an outstretched hand
The Elusive Baby Handprint - Use a Photocopy Machine!!
you & me
two yellow and red birds sitting on top of a tree branch next to each other
Tropical Birds in Love
a black and white photo of a christmas tree with icicles on the branches in front of it
A Blended Christmas Story
1940 real silver tinselled Christmas tree! Stunning! #Christmas
multiple pictures of people in different positions on the same page, one is blurry and the other is blurred
A True Friend...
a white teddy bear sitting on top of a wooden table in front of a wall
once loved