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Catch the Wave... what else is possible? I am so happy & grateful that the River of Life never stops flowing... It flows through me into lavish expression! My thoughts are directed exclusively towards abundance. Infinite riches are flowing to me easily and effortlessly. Extraordinary Abundance is all around me, I AM provided with abundance at any time and in every situation!! THANK YOU... Abundance Now and Always... AND SO IT IS!

Supercells, sometimes called rotating thunderstorms, are formed by a deep, constantly rotating updraft of wind. In the United States, the devastating storms are most common in the famed "Tornado Alley." #WowScience Credit: Colt Forney

A tornado forming

Mammatocumulus clouds, Minnesota.

North American monsoon, which typically occurs in July -- people worry about earthquakes in California. I worry about flash floods in Arizona ! by Peter Holme III

.Oh an idea for my lower back piece!