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Hyunmi YOO, The Museum of Photography, Seoul Birth 1964, Seoul Genre Painting, Installation, Photography Homepage

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고상우 작가 Freedom Archival Inkjet Print on Diasec_76x114cm_2011 oh Sang Woo has a taste for controversy. His images may look beautiful, but the stories beneath needle away at the unspoken do’s and don’ts that tie us up in social and cultural obligations. His last 사진작가 고상우가 영국 런던 엔젤에 위치한 Sesame Gallery에서 5월 6일부터 ‘True Stories’라는 타이틀로 개인전을 연다.

김준 작가 Joon KIM, Gail Art Museum Birth 1966, Seoul Genre Photography, Media We-Starbucks Digital print_190×120cm_2005