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Digital Radiography

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The future of Digital Imaging starts with a new DR System from Diagnostic Imaging Systems. In the past, DR Systems were too expensive for most Veterinary Practitioners to even think about buying them, but now things have changed and the price barrier has been broken. NEW DR flat panel systems allow you to keep an existing x-ray table and upgrade to digital. By adding this flat panel detector your Veterinary Practice can easily upgrade to digital for a cost-effective price.

Dr 2500 8x10 Flat Panel System With revolutionary technolgy that captures the high-quality radiographic images directly in digital format within seconds. The major diagnostic advantage of this system is the larger dynamic range compared with the conventional film / screen system. Futhermore, its dose efficiency is higher than any other digital systems including CR and CCD.

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THE WAIT IS OVER, THE DR SYSTEM YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR IS HERE! The REVOLUTIONARY DR-wizard flat panel system is the pinnacle in the final EVOLUTION of silicon Flat-panel Digital X-ray detector Technology.

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The 14x17 DR Navigator Smart Panel 3500 system is a Flat-Panel type Digital X-Ray detector with a revolutionary technology that captures radiographic images in digital format within seconds, eliminating the need for an X-Ray film, phosphorescent screens and cassettes.

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DR-wizard 14x17 cassette-size wireless flat panel, customized for your veterinary practice needs.

DR 3500 14x17 Cassette Size Wireless Flat Panel System

DR 4300 17x17 Flat Panel. The New DR Navigator Flat Panel is the most extraordinary advancement in digital radiography. Engineered for the most demanding practitioners. Incomparable ease of use.