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Lecture d'un message - mail Orange

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A Cat and a Butterfly | 18th century, Korean | Kim Hong-do

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책가도 [Scholar's Accoutrements, 冊架圖] Joseon Dynasty, 19th Century] Paintings Books and Scholar's Utensils

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#Minhwa #Jakhodo is a genre of Korean folk painting, composed of a magpie sitting in a pine tree quawking above a tiger. Korean believe tigers were messengers from mountain gods and bringing good luck, so in jakhodo they are not represented to be fierce or threatening. The magpie is a harbinger and symbol of good news in traditional Korean folklore, they are also messengers of shrine deities capable of bestowing good luck or misfortune.

아름다운 만남, 가회민화박물관

지옥에 떨어진 중생을 구제해주는 지장보살. 무독귀왕과 도명존자, 사천왕을 협시로 두고 고려시대 불화의 특징인 상하 2단구도를 보이고 있다. #지장보살 #불교미술 #불화 #buddhistart #goryeo_buddhistart #고려불화 #사천왕 #bodhisattva #Brahma-Deva #Ksitigarbha_Bodhisattva #Four_Devas #道明尊者 # 無毒鬼王 #도명존자 #무독귀왕 (국립산림과학원 홍릉수목원에서)

Korean folk art tiger

Tiger, Magpies, and Pines Korea, 19th Century The Los Angeles County Museum of Art

If there wasn't a Korean folktale about tigers smoking with rabbits before, there'll be such a tale in my sprawling epic fantasy series soon. This odd image came from a Buddhist monastery in Korea, apparently recently.