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a room with pink walls and furniture in the center, including a chair, lamp, bookshelf, vases and other items
a buddha statue sitting on top of a pink dresser
Paper mansion series!
an image of a room with clothes hanging on the wall and a teddy bear sitting in front of it
Venus Mansion - Surreal Visual Scenes by Lee Sol
After completing his Bachelor’s degree of Interior Design at the Hansung University, Lee Sol has been in the process of expressing his own world of visual scenes. In 2014, He began his art project named “Venus Mansion”, in which he establishes surreal scenes with a mixture of antique, Renaissance art and modern culture motifs. Lee’s …
a large group of different colored statues in front of a blue sky with pink and green colors
a woman in a pink dress and hat sitting at a table with other items on it
art direction | Venusmansion by Lee Sol
an elephant is standing next to a table and chair with vases on the floor
감도 깊은 취향 셀렉트샵 29CM
there are many statues in front of a store with pink and blue colors on the walls
감도 깊은 취향 셀렉트샵 29CM
a large group of statues in front of a pink building with shutters on the windows
#VOGUERAM-그래픽 아티스트 ‘비너스맨션(VENUSMANSION)’
#VOGUERAM-그래픽 아티스트 ‘비너스맨션(VENUSMANSION)’