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contour lines on glass. Cool idea for a still life!

Love the use of black/white and shadows to create a geometric, textured looking design. Very creative, yet so simple.

I liked the very finely textured pattern. most of the shadows till now have been large, we can do some detail work too. Google Image Result for

World | Miles and Lincoln | Laser cut screens | Laser cut panels

Shadows and white shapes. Without seeing the shadow maker - we can still guess what shape-shifter is interdicting the light. The only reason that we don't loose the shape of things which are covered in shadow is because the shape-shifter has allowed just enough light to break through. These eggs look very reptilian in this presentation - don't they? Was that apparent at first look by you? Or did I point it out? Funny how the power of observation works in the trained mind. Omelet anyone?

I like the idea of creating interesting shadows using marbles. Different coloured marbles create amazing looking shadows like in this photograph. I like the different shadows in this piece

The Female Back

I've bought one of these parasols! Cannot wait to take a photo like this on our day!