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My Apps

My mobile apps that I made as my hobbies.
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SMART MIRROR: Inspired by Hannah Mitt and Evan Cohen.


ANDROID: An app with the full screen rolling eye. Blink when it is touched. It is a fun app that works with a t-shirt.

ANDROID: An android app to alert when the luggage is near you. Using Beacon technology, it can automatically detect and alert the user.

ANDROID: On SG bus is an android app to alert the people when it is near their bus stops. It is useful for people who are going to a new place and need to know where to alight.

ANDROID: An popular android English-Burmese calendar app among for Myanmar Community. Features like writing notes and keeping friends birthday. Support Burmese characters. Close to ~200,000 downloads and growing.

MYO: Space shooter game, powered with Myo gadget.

MYO: Smart Stress ball with pressure sensor.