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Hi, guys! It's show time and we'd like to show you a part of a cool project that we recently worked on. Friday is coming and if you want to spend time like never before, you need to find some nice ...


iOS Card Animation, to play on the pin about stacks. Could fold open into an article rather than flipping.

Inspirational UI Design 13

Inspirational UI Design 13 - UltraLinx

A quick animation to illustrate the transition between interactions. There's not much of a delay between screens just to keep file size down a little. I hope you like it! Follow me on Twitter

Weekend experiment: integrating material design UI and natural motion animation principles without looking too google-y

Flipping Cards - Animation

I would be interested to see this tested, if there would be a need for an initial indicator?

City guide app Long time there were no updates from us. We have finished one simple but beautiful app and want to share with you.