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Ticketing Kiosks

Our Ticketing Kiosks can be customised according to your exact requirements to produce tickets of any shape and size. They can be used to either dispense tickets as purchased or to retrieve tickets purchased online or from a box office.
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Ticketing Kiosk Blade Slim 19" touch, retail kiosk with 80mm printer and unattended chip and pin unit with different bracket options for fitting into store. Large front for your branding and important calls to action with several finishes (plain, metal, coloured and 3 wood finishes). Further ruggedisation is available include bezel-free high IP rated touch screen and upgrades e.g. scanners, loyalty cards, cash, etc.

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Ticketing Transactional Blade (with Keyboard) - If you are looking for a kiosk to take card payments from your web site to put into your store then this is the perfect unit for you. Bright 19 screen (can be touch enabled) with chip n pin, trackpad keyboard and receipt printer all in a compact unit. We provide software to integrate to your web site, call for more information.

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Ticketing Kiosk Lectern - Ultra slim 19 touch, retail kiosk with 80mm printer and unattended chip and pin unit. It is provided as front or rear access with different bracket options for fitting into store; the Lectern can be fitted barely 30cm from the wall leaving plenty of room for shoppers, giving you the best ROI per m² but whilst still providing a large front for your branding and important calls. It comes with several side finishes including plain, metal, coloured and 3 wood finishes…

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Ticketing Kiosk Z3 - Wall mounted kiosks are often ideal for ticket retrieval, giving you more space to put in small clusters in main thoroughfares. The Z3 has an plenty of depth to allow exceptional space for a varied selection of components.

Ticketing Kiosk GP2k - The GP2K can be adapted to meet any requirements and has been in our core range from day one. Ideal if you re in need of long lasting value. With plenty of internal space this kiosk can easily house ticket or even A4 printing along with a whole host of other peripherals.

Ticketing Kiosk GP2 - Smart, toughened kiosk for most uses that can be adapted to your requirements. The GP2 has been in our range from day one and has never let us down so choose this if you are wanting long lasting value.

Ticketing Kiosk Monolith - Free standing kiosk with 19 screen, this kiosk has plenty of room for peripherals such as chip and pin, ticket or A4 printers, swipe card readers and more - just ask! The Monolith is part of our ruggedised range with toughened glass and is suitable for a variety of uses. This kiosk is a blank canvas for full graphical branding using vinyl wrap to not only catch your customers eye, but to enable continuity of your brand.

Ticketing Kiosk GP7 - This ticketing kiosk is ideal as a self service ticket dispenser and is one of our most robust kiosks, which can be powder coated to match your requirements or graphically branded using high quality vinyl. The GP7 is available with or without additional backlit header panel which can be used to attract attention in crowded areas. Ideal for use as queue busting facility in Airports and other busy public areas, additional options include a phone handset, chip and pin…