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an advertisement for doughnuts and pastries on display
Bee Design | RJ
Trouxemos para a identidade visual do projeto elementos que fazem parte do universo de petiscos e comidas rápidas. Brincamos com as cores roxo e verde na logo e criamos uma estampa exclusiva para a marca que estampou não só o cartão de visita, como também o lindo food truck que fizemos e é sucesso por onde passa. | food truck logo design graphic design identidade visual branding embalagem packaging snacks |
a bunch of plates with different designs on them
three different types of milk bottles with polka dots on them, one in white and the other in brown
Holy Cow! Clever Packaging! - Yanko Design
We’re always in the mooooood for a good packaging design and this one is udderly the best! Quite simply, it’s shaped like a cows udder which is not only freakin’ cute but ergonomic. 4 little teats give it a little stability and something to hold on to when you’re pouring a cold glass of milk!
several black and white plates are stacked on top of each other, with different designs
News Of The Wooled Introduction To Knitting
four different types of shoes on display in front of a white background with three rows of them
Rope Pack
‎Rope‬ ‪‎Packaging‬ by IF BAGS -
six jars of peanut butter with different designs
パンをごちそうにする「塗るテリーヌ」--レバーペーストや牡蠣、スモークサーモンなど全6種 [えん食べ]
a bunch of papers that are on top of each other in different colors and sizes
Bloom Floral Pattern Collection
Bloom Floral Pattern Collection by The Paper Town on @creativemarket
four rows of different colored boxes with plants growing out of the top and bottom one
Candles by Anna Sztromwasser. Source: Behance. Pin curated by #SFields99 #packaging #design #inspiration #box #texture #typography:
an assortment of folded papers with different colors and shapes on the bottom one is white
A Lovely Chocolate Bar that’s Packaged with Origami - DIELINE
A Lovely Chocolate Bar that’s Packaged with Origami / Designed by Lavernia & Cienfuegos
four boxes with different types of pasta in them and the packaging is open to show it's contents
Pierrot Gala Pasta Packaging Design
an assortment of different types of papers on display
Mayde Tea - Smack Bang Designs... - a grouped images picture
Mayde Tea - Smack Bang Designs - created via
the train is traveling down the tracks with colorful reflections on it's side wall
Diet Set – Instant Cereals (Student Project)
Diet Set - Instant #Cereals #concept #packaging by Arthur Lebsack -
an array of different shapes and sizes of paper
Marmel / packaging for sweet shop by Diana Polar
several stacks of books sitting on top of each other in front of a white background
OZMETICS - Natural beauty products by Sara Ozvaldic