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joseon indoor life

joseon interiors with an emphasis on furniture or activities
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✩ GISAENG ✩【기생】Such a beautiful movie about Korean Gisaengs. One of my favorite…

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RESERVE LISTING For Natalie- The orient traditional room, asian old things, antiques, Miniatures 1:12

The orient traditional room (No.2)- asian old things, antiques -Dollhouse…

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House full of happiness _ thaw slope gwonohchun Chairman of the Institute hanok house Au-jin they Noni, per choeun

Korea furniture museum: modeled after a traditional Korean mansion. Natural understated elegance and beauty which is the quintessential Korean aesthetic. Beauty is found in the exquisite details and overall harmony and balance. This is a style that is very difficult to emulate today and very different from western aesthetics where grandeur is defined by opulence.

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Hanok, a korean traditional house. I want bigger rooms and dark wood.

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-코베이- *일제강점기 사진엽서[A] - 기생 姜硏花 (종료:2015/06/24 22:00:36)