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MOS: A Simple, Magnetic Cable Organizer

MOS, Magnetic Organization System, magnetically holds the ends of your cables in place so you never have to go hunting for them again.

Color Polaroid 600 Film With Colored Frames

Wearable Speaker and Speakerphone from Native Union

'phone+book' by kbme2 - designboom | architecture & design magazine

Gifpop! Custom Gif Cards from Meshu

Gifpop! Custom cards that take your gifs and make them physical cards through the magic of holographic printing.

A Power Pig with 17 Snoutlets (and the Design Process behind it.) Just need a US version!

Is it a Pencil or is it a Stylus? It's Both

Spool Dock: The Modern Apple Dock with a Twist by Jeremy Saxton + Quell&Co. — Kickstarter

Pocket Keyboard

Pocket Keyboard is a minimal design created by Japan-based firm Elecom. The keyboard uses wireless bluetooth technology to connect with its ...