Stanford alumni 華山論壇活動花絮

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Cloudy by FriendsWithYou. We are so excited to present the short film "Cloudy", an art piece with the purpose to transcend its viewers to a relaxed and joyous state. It will be premiering on i am OTHER via Pharrell Williams’ brand new cultural movement, an entertainment based portal online. Read on to be transported to the clouds!

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SHOFU Ident - Director's Cut

In this video I show you how to create a "brush in the air" effect. All you have to do is to create a landscape object (or object with a lot of polygons), add "spline wrap" deformer as a child and then create a spline. This spline is gonna be our shape created with the brush effect. Audio: Phonat - Ghetto burnin' *All the object properties could variate with different typographies or splines.

"Healthy lunches" is a film that raises awareness about nutrition and good daily eating behaviors. Directed by Cyril Izarn ( & Pat Grivet ( Music & sound design: Pauline Le Caignec Production: Healthy Films ( Client: HCSC (

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'Eden' The beginning of mankind and the very first love Directed by Shinyoung Kim Sound track : Basenji - Dawn Genre : Music video Duration : 02'53'' More artworks at

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