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La anatomía del helado en una original infografía

anatomy of ice cream / small batch creative - tells a complete story in pictures. leads your eye through the graphic. breaking down something that's already simple.

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Michael Johansson, everyday objects and toy-model-like sculptures, contemporary, humorous, sculpture, engine bought separately

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Amazing Digital Art By Miagui Studio #FredericClad

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Mini Car - Cut Out Postcard | Flickr: Intercambio de fotos

I Have a Lifestyle installation at La Rinascente by Fabio Novembre for Tommy Hilfiger

디자인 나스 (designnas) 학생 광고 편집 디자인 - 포스터 포트폴리오 (advertisement pamphlet)입니다. 키워드 : brand, ad, advertisement, leaflet, pamphlet, catalog, brochure, poster, branding, info graphic, design, paper, graphics, portfolio 디자인나스의 작품은 모두 학생작품입니다. all rights reserved designnas

Burger Blueprint - handmade screen print

This blueprint illustration, inspired by engineering drawings, indicates the appropriate way to assemble a burger. There is an epidemic sweeping

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NOW - happenings festival by Rocío Fernández Fuks, via Behance

색감 굿 . 밝은 메인색상으로 사용하면 좋을듯. 주위에 엘리먼트들도 참고

색감 굿 . 밝은 메인색상으로 사용하면 좋을듯. 주위에 엘리먼트들도 참고